Biophotonics '09 Registration

Tue 24-02-2009
The registration for participation in the 4th International Graduate Summer School, Biophotonics '09, is expires today 24 February 2009. We kindly ask that you register before in order to secure your admission into the school.


To apply for participation in the 4th International Graduate Summer School Biophotonics '09, you should fill out the online form at our website. Please follow the application procedure that consists of three sections to be completed in one step: collecting information about the applicant, collecting information about your main supervisor, title, abstract and three page summary of your research to be presented at the school.
Fee for participation

The registration fee for participation, including accommodation, local transportation, and all meals is 11.000 SEK (excl. VAT).

At this stage, the school do not have funds available for financial support. Therefore, in order to secure your participation you must be financially self-supported.

Photonics 4 Life

The school is organised in collaboration with the European Network of Excellence for Biophotonics, Photonics 4 Life (P4L). Students affiliated with Photonics 4 Life should indicate this by choosing the option 'Not necessary (P4L)' from the drop-down menu under the item 'Financial support'.

Note that the NoE P4L will support each of its students covering the fee partially following acceptance by the school and then approval by P4L (the P4L support will be in the form of a discount on the school fee).

Three page summary

When applying for admission to the school, each applicant must submit a short description of their research and results for peer-review. The description must comprise

title, abstract, descriptive for the work (max. 500 words without special formatting), three-page summary, including title, applicant name and affiliation, body text, figures and references in a separate file (you should not include the abstract in the summary text). The file should be uploaded (using the form below) in Adobe PDF format. Please note that the maximum file size is 5 Mb. Important note: The summary will be reviewed by the organizers and lecturers. Applicants are selected based on the outcome of this peer-review.


The deadline for applying to attend is 24 February 2009.

Registration online

Go to the registration page by following this link:

We look forward to receiving your application to attend the Biophotonics '09 summer school. Kind regards,

Peter E. Andersen (DTU, Denmark) & Stefan Andersson-Engels (LU, Sweden) Summer School Chairs & Organisors, Biophotonics '09