Optical Properties of Nanostructured Materials

Tue 12-04-2005
The iNANO center at Aarhus and Aalborg Universities is pleased to announce a one-day PhD course to be held at Hotel Hvide Hus in Aalborg. Please visit the web site for further information.

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Optics of Surfaces and Interfaces (OSI-VI)

From Basic Research to Applications

Aalborg (Denmark)
June 6-10, 2005

Optical Spectroscopy of Surfaces and Interfaces comprises a variety of linear and non-linear optical techniques that have the potential to study optical, electronic, magnetic and vibronic properties at surfaces and interfaces. Some of these techniques have been developed in the last decade to a stage of surface sensitivity comparable to the classical surface science methods based mainly on electrons. "Optical surface science" besides having different interactions than electrons with the solid interface offers in addition the advantage of being in general not restricted to solid-vacuum interfaces. Thus solid-gas phase, solid-liquid and solid-solid interfaces in addition to solid-vacuum interfaces can be analyzed. Consequently, optical spectroscopies offer a wide range of applications, from basic research at "ideal" surfaces, well defined on an atomic scale, to "real surfaces" in gas phase or liquid environments (epitaxy, catalysis, electrochemistry). Also process monitoring becomes possible.

The meeting will bring together researchers and students from universities and institutes working in different fields of optical spectroscopy at surfaces and interfaces. Its goal is the understanding of the potential of the different optical techniques with respect to interface analysis, their present status and their possible limits. All kind of interface systems may be discussed. However, interfaces formed by well-understood semiconductors and metals on one side should be in the focus of the meeting. The meeting will focus not only on well-understood semiconductor and metal interfaces, but also on thin layers, rough surfaces, low dimensional structures formed by self-organization through interaction with the substrate, organic and ferromagnetic layers, and possibly other structures.

Scope of the Meeting:

The scope of the meeting is to bridge the gap between basic and applied science. Apart from recent advances in theoretical modelling and experimental research, special attention will also be paid to novel techniques of optical spectroscopy at interfaces. The Meeting will be organized as a workshop that aims at stimulating an open atmosphere for discussion and interaction between young and experienced scientists from the different disciplines of the "optical community". Invited lectures will be organized to some of the main topics of the workshop in order to introduce the subject on a level understandable for non-experts. Shorter talks will be allocated to report recent highlights of each field. Posters sessions will be for presentation of recent results, new ideas and open questions.

Main Topics
  • Low-Dimensional Structures (Nanostructures)
  • Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy (SNOM, Nonlinear Optical Microscopy)
  • Time Resolved Spectroscopy
  • Semiconductor and Metal Interfaces
  • Interfaces to Organic Layers and Biological Systems
  • Ferromagnetic Layers
  • Theory of Optical Response (Linear and Non-Linear)
  • Plasmons
  • Rough Surfaces
Organizing committee
  • Y. Borensztein (Paris)
  • O. Hunderi (Trondheim)
  • A. Cricenti (Liverpool)
  • R. Del Sole (Rome)
  • J. McGilp (Dublin)
  • Th. Rasing (Nijmegen)
  • P. Weightman (Liverpool)
  • L. Mochan (UNAM)
  • W. Richter (Berlin)
  • D. Aspnes (Raleigh)
  • Norman Tolk (Vanderbilt)
  • Bernardo Mendoza (León)
Local Organizing committee
  • Kjeld Pedersen, Aalborg University
  • Thomas Garm Pedersen, Aalborg University
  • Sergey Bozhevolnyi, Aalborg University

For further information please contact:

Kjeld Pedersen
Department of Physics and Nanotechnology
Aalborg University
Pontoppidanstræde 103
DK 9220 Aalborg Øst