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September 12-16, 2005
SPIE International Symposium on Optical Systems Design 2005

SPIE International Symposium on
Optical Systems Design
12-16 September 2005
New University Campus
07743 Jena

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Courses · Tabletop Exhibition

Symposium Chair:
Andreas Tünnermann, Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Optik und Feinmechanik (Germany)

Symposium Co-chair:
Jean-Louis Meyzonnette, Institut d'Optique/Ecole Supérieure d'Optique (France)

Optical Design and Engineering
Advances in Optical Thin Films
Detectors and Associated Signal Processing
Optical Fabrication, Testing, and Metrology

June 18-25, 2005

The web site for the next graduate summer school on bio-photonics organized by Risø National Laboratory and Lund Laser Centre has been launched.
Visit Bio-Photonics '05 for more information and sign up to the e-mail news letter.

June 13-16, 2005
LASER 2005. World of Photonics

New Munich Trade Fair Centre June 13 - 16, 2005

LASER. World of Photonics focusses on the world market for optical technologies. The international light community has been meeting there for more than 30 years. Start-ups and established key players present their latest developments.

Visitor target group: exclusively representatives from research, the high-tech, laser and optoelectronics industries, those involved in medicine and technology, as well as physicists, chemists, doctors, engineers, systems designers, retail companies and service-providers

Laser 2005, world of photonics

Product range: innovative optical technologies such as laser and optronics, optics, optical manufacturing technology, sensors, test and measurement and the application of this technology in production, laser medical and bio technology, imaging, optical measurement systems and illumination

June 13-16, 2005
Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection IV

This conference will focus on optical metrology methods and their application for the solution of practical problems in industrial design and production engineering. Relevant applications range from the optical inspection of large scale industrial components to the investigation of microsystems.

Special emphasis shall be given to the implementation of new methods and algorithms into complete measurement systems. The application of these systems close-to-production is of general interest. Further on, the integration of modern electro-optical components and inspection strategies for the design of sophisticated systems shall be reported.

Abstracts for this Conference are due by 20 December 2004. Manuscripts are due by 21 March 2005.

Visit Optical Metrology for more information.

June 6-10, 2005
Optics of Surfaces and Interfaces (OSI-VI)

The 6th international conference on Optics of Surfaces and Interfaces (OSI-6) takes place in Aalborg, June 6-10, 2005.
The meeting will bring together researchers and students from universities and institutes working in different fields of optical spectroscopy at surfaces and interfaces.
Click here for further information.

Local Organizing committee

  • Kjeld Pedersen, Aalborg University
  • Thomas Garm Pedersen, Aalborg University
  • Sergey Bozhevolnyi, Aalborg University

For further information please contact:

Kjeld Pedersen
Department of Physics and Nanotechnology
Aalborg University
Pontoppidanstræde 103
DK 9220 Aalborg Øst