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An Interactive Online Seminar
Sponsored by Fiberguide and Hamamatsu

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
10:00AM PDT | 1:00PM EDT | 17:00 GMT


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OPTICS plays a dominant and enabling technology in the development of new sensors for the detection of chemical, biological, and explosive related agents in the environment as well as the remote imaging of nighttime and obscured scenes. This Webcast, presented by Dr. Dennis K. Killinger, professor of physics at the University of South Florida, presents some of the basic technology involved in laser and optical based detection techniques including absorption, fluorescence, particle scatter, Raman, fluorescence tagged bio sensors, and laser imaging.

Listen as Dr. Killinger introduces some of the widely divergent technologies that are being developed for chem/bio agent sensing, and learn some of the trade-offs between sensitivity, false-alarm probability/selectivity, and other system parameters.


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